Services offered by the ICA

Quality standards developed by the ICA guarantee an objective, scientific and practical evaluation of coaching-qualification.

With professional, taylor-made assessment-centers, the relevant skills of a coach are diagnosed by the ICA. This service by the ICA is offered to various target groups:

The four important advantages of the ICA 

In comparison with the certification-process of many other coaching-organizations, the ICA has four significant advantages:

1. International Experts: The ICA consists of specialists from different countries and with heterogeneous academic and professional backgrounds. Thus, it takes Coaching to a global level.

2. Scientific Approach: Coaching competence is analyzed with valid tools only. There is scientific evidence, that the results of assessment centers are objective, reliable and valid indicators of coaching performance.

3. Objective Criteria: The observations of the ICA during an assessment center are based on transparent behavioral indicators. Every participant receives a quantitative and qualitative feedback in a written report. Needless to say, the ICA is independent and neutral in its evaluations.

4. Affordable Fees: With a fee of 750€ including an individual assessment center and a report, the international approved certification is much more affordable than other organizations’ certifications.